Various scientific research has been carried out to discover the psychological reason behind facials. These different research have always ended inconclusive. It can be said that it is more of a personal opinion. Your opinion about facials could be totally different from the next persons view.


The closest scientists have come is that “facials has something to do with power” Though this might not be the only reason, or the most likely explanation for why most guys enjoy facials. Some men have watched loads of Cumshot porn videos, and they also want to experience something like that. That could be the reason some people love doing it. Also on most porn movies, the receiver of the facial is always happy about it, or sometimes actually begging for it. This does not go along with the notion that facials has something to do with power.

Apart from cumming on your partners face, some men also love it when their partner tries swallowing cum. Although, if a guy ejaculates on his partner’s face without consent, or because he wants to get a shocked or disgusted reaction, it could then be said that the behavior is rooted in a bid to humiliate that person, and that could become a bigger problem. However, in a situation where both partners agree to the act, then it cannot be assumed that the motives behind the act are the same.


Another possible reason why guys give facials is that for guys who are visually oriented, giving a facial would serve has a proof of his own sexual satisfaction especially when there is a look of satisfaction on the partner’s face. The combination of these would easily arouse heterosexual men, because the female face goes a long way in saying how turned on women are during sexual activity. Research has it that heterosexual men love looking at women’s faces when watching porn either in a cumshot porn video or when the lady is swallowing cum. This is because unlike the male, the female body does not give any sign of sexual arousal. So guys would rather look into women’s faces to know whether they are into it or not.





Another reason behind facials could be that some men are used to seeing their cum often, and they still want to see it. While masturbating, they see it and they also see other men’s cum while watching porn. Facials and other external ejaculations are now more rampant in porn movies. This could be because of the outbreak of AIDS in the late 1970s, so porn actors would rather take cum outside their body to reduce the chances of them contacting HIV. While doing this, they might have unintentionally caused the rampant demand in which men now have for facials.