Sunday, February 13, 2005

Karina Munoz Is Miss Reef 2005

Last month, The Captain thought he had found the most spankable booty in the world, but the competition never ends.

Meet Karina Munoz, a 18 years old hottie from Chile, who is the proud winner of the Miss Reef 2005 contest.

The link below will lead you mighty pirates to a special photo shoot that Karina did as Miss Reef 2005 for a Chilean magazine.

Click here to see Karina Munoz and her fabulous booty (

And here are some pics from the Miss Reef 2005 contest (


Anonymous said...

oh my god...sigh what i would do to be on the beach some days, drinking a fruity beverage looking at all the pretty girls. what does a young pirate have to do?! Tell me!! WHAT DOES A YOUNG PIRATE HAVE TO DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO?!!

9:07 PM  
The Captain said...

Don't worry mighty pirate. You're still young and you have a lifetime ahead of you to sail the pussea and find the perfect booty.

Act like a real pirate!

1:45 PM  
German Pirate said...

harr mighty pirate! that is a fantastic ass a young sailor like me is dreaming about such a ass!wow!
so bye captain!
bye felix

1:51 PM  

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