Friday, November 12, 2004

Is Charlie Sheen a pimp? The actor encouraged his wife Denise Richards to get naked for the December cover of Playboy. "He was very supportive," she says. He even helped her choose the final photos. "Charlie's been a Playboy fan for years". But she did select an unusual entourage to accompany her to the Bahamas for the photo shoot - her mother, father and six-month-old daughter Sam. Richards admits that Playboy magazine has held a memorable place in her family's history for a number of years. She explains, "My dad subscribed to Playboy when I was little. My sister and I found a magazine and we were really upset. We thought my dad was gonna divorce my mom. So he sat us down and had a talk and explained that he buys the magazine for the articles". Of course.
Wild thing: Denise1 - Denise2 - Denise3 - Denise4 - Denise5 - Denise6 - Denise7 - Denise8 - Denise9


Anonymous said...

"Is Charlie Sheen a pimp?" Who the hell cares?? Whatever he had to do or say to get the delicious Denise to take it all off for us lucky viewers, it was definitely worth it!

12:22 PM  

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