Tuesday, October 05, 2004

When your new bests friends are Lindsay Lohan and Tara Reid, being a flat-chested attention whore can be quite embarrassing. That's why Paris Hilton, who was telling her friends one year ago that she'd never get breast implants, finally decided that it was time to get a little boob job. The following pics may be the last ones of the old Paris and it's only a matter of time before she flaunts her new wares all over town.
See-through: Paris1 - Paris2 - Paris3 - Paris4 - Paris5


Anonymous said...

just what the hell do people see in her??she has no tits, ratty hair and a nose so turned up she gets wip-lash every time she turns her head. What she does have is a daddy with lots of money and so little morels he can't even admitt his daughter is a slut

10:11 AM  

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