Wednesday, July 07, 2004

A S&M sex tape starring Hollywood actress Cameron Diaz has been released by a shadowy Russian group (Scandal Inc). The "Charlie's Angels" actress had originally demanded an injunction to stop photographer, John Rutter, from trying to exploit topless photographs and video footage of her back in June of 2003 but he still managed to sell the tape. The photos and footage were taken when Diaz, now 31, was a 19-year-old wild model who had not yet gained the fame and maturity as an actress. There was a trailer available on Scandal Inc website but it got removed due to massive amount of traffic. The Captain is a bit disappointed because there's no real hardcore scene in this movie, all you get to see are her (beautiful) boobs. Damn, even Paris Hilton sex tape has more pussy in it! It's not worth your money, but if you still want to have a peek:
Cameron diaz Sex(y) Tape Trailer (zip file, password: diaz)
Update: Download The Full Version (Hurry up!!!)


Anonymous said...

anyone got an ed2k link for the tape?

9:26 AM  
ninja said...

I watched most of it at double speed because Rutter is so goddamn irritating. And the tape itself is really poor quality. I'd have prefered the photos from this shoot to the this grainy video, personally. Damn injunction :E

9:17 AM  

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