Tuesday, July 20, 2004

One of the lifelong ambitions of Eva Herzigova was to appear on the pages of Playboy magazine. She says that "It is a great concept. It shows the beauty of the body in an elegant way. This is the first time I got everything I wanted, including the photographer. I picked Sorrenti because of his work. It's artsy, mysterious, feminine and sexy." She has stripped off for photographer Mario Sorrenti in a bid to garner publicity for her forthcoming swimwear line. Are those swimsuits made of an invisible material? The mystery remains, but The Captain won't complain.
The pics: Eva1 - Eva2 - Eva3 - Eva4 - Eva5 - Eva6 - Eva7 - Eva8 - Eva9 - Eva10 - Eva11 - Eva12 - Eva13


Captain Cum said...

toute l'europe te soutiens vilain captain

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