Thursday, July 08, 2004

Okay, I'm fed up with celebrity sex tapes. I could have made a post about the Abi Titmuss sex tape but I won't. A tabloid whore like her doesn't deserve that much attention. And if we let celebrities invade the sex market, the pornstar specie will become endangered. I love pornstars and I won't let them sink, so today the pirate ship will dock at the port and The Captain is going to share one of his secrets with you. You may wonder how a mighty pirate like me always keeps his booty high and dry, even in deep seas? Well, that's because The Captain only uses Jolly Roger Pirate Wipes™. Try them out and you'll see the difference! Oh, and if you still want to see how the Abi Titmuss sex tape looks like, here's a sample clip.


Taiwan said...

look out for my sex tape 12-25-04. :( lol

9:33 AM

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