Thursday, July 01, 2004

After NY Post reported that Paige Davis got down and dirty at the Broadway Bares event at Roseland Ballroom last weekend, "Trading Spaces" star tried to downplay her impromptu striptease. In a memo she posted on the Internet, Davis said: "I did collect some money in a pretend-stripper fashion from a crowd that was 99 percent gay men! No one 'mauled my breasts!' I kept all of my clothes on at all times. If any... fans are shocked or offended by the Post's coverage, I would have them consider the source - the Post is known for rumor and exaggeration." Nice try. The only problem is that someone was there to capture the incident. Who's next?
Uncensored pics: Paige1 - Paige2 (thx to Fleshbot)


Anonymous said...

it s very bad to show porn

bad guy bad bad bad

ohohuuuuuu bad captain

j p casimir

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