Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Now even fake celebrities want their share of the pie in the sex tape market. Survivor's Jenna Lewis just unleashed her honeymoon video and it's way more interesting than the boring reality show. I didn't want to post this at first because I don't give a fuck about her but I watched the video and it's really hot. It's at least ten times hotter than the Paris Hilton video, which is not hard to achieve. See what other people have to say about the movie by clicking here.


Taiwan said...

Think she will get famous off it? I don't.


8:01 AM  
Captain Cum said...

She's just a media whore and she'll fall in the fake celebrity pit very soon I think :-)

12:01 PM  
HockeyDude said...

Hey Captain Cum...you can get the whole Jenna Lewis video for free here... http://www.maleism.net/videos/JLWNST.avi

And you are right about it being HOT!!!

12:36 PM  
Captain Cum said...

Thx a lot for the link Hockey Dude! I already downloaded it with emule but I'm sure a lot of people will appreciate this video as much as we did ;-)

1:56 PM  

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