Monday, January 10, 2005

The World's Hottest Ass

The owner of this perfect booty used to post pictures on under the nickname "Keyra", but her real identity has finally been revealed.

According to SuperTanga's webmaster, her real name is Julieta and she's a 19 year old student from Argentina whose pictures were stolen from her computer by a Trojan virus.

Howard Stern declared that she had "the best ass EVER" on his radio show and she's now a celebrity booty. You'll understand why by clicking the link below.

Meet The World's Hottest Ass (


Anonymous said...

I'll say that the girl has a FUCKING ASS I WANT TO BUST A NUT ALL OVER but that's about it. Bony chick equal 2 thumbs down but her ass equals 2 thumbs up plus 1 dick up. :P

12:23 AM  

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