The Benefits of Swallowing Sperms

If swallow is in the menu during oral sex or is something you always consider worth doing, you definitely have had thoughts on its benefits. First things first, you have to understand that the percentage of sperms in semen is one of the lowest at 1% or a high of 5% and is not the only thing you take in when you swallow. The good news is that while sperms are rich in protein, the small quantity in semen will not have any extreme impacts on your body weight as it ranges between 5 to 25 calories. Apart from the little intake of proteins among other benefits associated with general exposure to sperms generated from sex include;

  • Happier women. Sperms contain oxytocin which is primarily the hormone that triggers our deepest pleasures and for most women just the thought is enough to make them swallow to the last drop. The release of oxytocin is not limited to swallowing sperms and is generally the result of lovemaking, so either way, you want to have it is fine.
  • Lowered risks of preeclampsia. A controlled study conducted suggests that exposure to sperms helps pregnant women have lesser chances of contracting the dreaded preeclampsia. While this is not an end to all problems solution, it is one of those fun reasons to have your sex partner give you his all even when you are expecting to have a baby.
  • Better sleep. While this is not limited to the act of swallowing sperms along, the whole act of having oral sex and tiring each other out plus a good release of sperms works for both your good. You will generally notice those days and nights when you have good sex that you have a deep sleep which is attributed to the hormone melatonin.


In the end, swallowing sperms is largely for the pleasures of lovemaking and should only be done with a partner free from any diseases that could be spread through fluid exchange.


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