It is almost natural that men find great pleasure climaxing in the mouth of their partners when it comes to oral sex. Once this is done the ball is always on the woman’s court whether they should swallow or spit. The general preference when it comes to this decision is varied and is rightly said that what the woman does is mainly dependent on a number of factors. Generally, there are two categories of women when it comes to this with one side wondering if spitting is ever an option and the other thinking swallowing is just too much.

The truth is everyone has personal preferences in the bedroom, and no single rule applies when it comes to what to do with orgasm which results from oral sex. While running surveys on such matters come with extreme percentages depending on the group that responds, a common trend has been more women agree to experiment with swallowing. Even women who hate the act have at one point tried it out either to please the partner or to have an idea of what it entails. A high percentage among those who regularly swallow said it was to make the man feel special and in trying to be polite given it is the expectation of most men.

Nonetheless, for the act to be considered a norm, there must be consistency, and that is where the concern arises. While no one likes to be boring when it comes to sex, the general expectation of a lady who does not mind swallowing to always do this could be asking too much. Normally a guy will send some kind of warning right before they have a full release and what goes on in the mind of the lady during these micro-seconds determines whether they spit or swallow. It is the thought and feeling that counts and as a woman doing either of the two should never affect the joys shared with a partner.

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